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breakingbads replied to your photo: #199 | 4/10

I know right. I was expecting great things from this but it fell short. By so much omg. David needs to be in better films.

That’s what saddens me too. David’s such a gifted actor yet there doesn’t seem to be a place for him in movies. I suppose as long as he continues working on great projects like Broadchurch, I’m okay with it, but he seems to be very hit or miss with the stuff he chooses to do.

thegoddessofthorns replied to your photo: #200 | 6/10

argento-esque was probably what they were aiming for, it’s definitely a strange film I mean I liked it but you have to be in the right headspace

yeah, I’m sure it was an intentional nod to his work, I’d be quite surprised if it wasn’t, it was hardly subtle. And I totally agree, yeah. I do think I could’ve derived more enjoyment from it had I been in the rigth mood, you really have to go along with the film’s madness here to properly experience it.

  1. saulgoodmans said: Yeah, Broadchurch was great! Hopefully he’ll continue with great projects like that.
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